About The Rock Girl

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon a lecture about Lemurian seed crystals at an expo that sounded intriguing to us and left the class feeling fascinated, excited, and wanting to learn more.  Unbeknownst to us, we would be led into a magical world of self discovery and enlightenment that would begin a year later. And this is where our journey unfolds and is really just beginning. We took another lecture with Allison, The Rock Girl (which by the way is a very cool name) and decided that this time we would get a rock reading.  I used to collect rocks as a little girl as I’m sure many people have and I never thought about why I was attracted to certain ones over others. It just made sense at the time.  After learning about rocks with Allison, it all fits together like a beautiful mosaic.  I have gotten many readings before but never anything like this.  My boyfriend and I sat down together and could feel the energy from her hands.  It was very interesting to see her at work with the rocks, her beautiful relationship with Mother Earth and all that is Divine.  The rocks are Allison’s teacher and she listens well.  It’s like the saying goes, “the truth sets you free” because we were given the truth for our soul’s journey in this lifetime. My boyfriend and I were told that we have been together in other lifetimes, which makes perfect sense to us as we have always felt that.  What we seek as humans on this earthly plane can help our soul’s journey and Allison is here to be a beautiful messenger and teacher and help us in this lifetime.  She has wisdom and her soul is beautiful. She has so much knowledge and her journeys in life have enabled her to pass on this infinite wisdom.  Her time and energy goes into caring for the earth, animals, and for others from the depths of her soul.  These are some of the things that make Allison a very special soul. Rock on! ~ Tara

Allison, The Rock Girl, is one of the most sincere, authentic souls we have ever come into contact with. She listens intently to the stones and crystals, and treats them, as well as ALL living things, with reverence and respect. When working with Allison, you feel like the most important person in the world to her….she gives all of her attention and focus to you, a living example of how energies can exchange so beautifully between two (or more) people! Allison is a powerful healer with vast knowledge that she shares in layman’s terms, always firmly grounded and present with you, and happy to help in any way she can. You are sure to be super blessed by this wonderful woman, a Goddess of Light and Love whom is making quite an impact on our planet with her love of humanity, of animals and our Earth Mother. We cherish The Rock Girl and we are sure you will too! ~ Frank & Melissa

You Rock Girl! We think of Allison as the “Rock Whisperer” of the New Stone Age! As a long-time customer and friend, she has helped us as a teacher to be sensitive and to appreciate the special healing properties of some of Nature’s greatest mineral and rock creations. On a more personal note, Allison’s spiritual guidance and advice was instrumental in the quick recovery and healing of John’s kid sister, who was stricken Christmas Day, 2007, with a life-threatening Intra-Ventricular Hemorrhage….prior to this, we had no concept of, nor experience with the impact of the healing qualities of stones. We are so fortunate to be able to say that John’s sister is on her way to a rapid recovery, and The Rock Girl has given us such a great peace of mind when we needed it most….we can not thank you enough Allison! ~ John & Shandra

It has been my pleasure to work with Allison, The Rock Girl, as a Light Worker! She is so intuitive with the stones and senses the individuality and energy of each piece she uses, particularly as it is applied in a client’s therapy. This makes her an awesome Healer in every regard. I can’t recommend her more highly….she is one of those rare Healers you meet only once in an eon! ~ Jan

To know The Rock Girl is to experience being in the presence of the Divine Feminine….so loving and caring but oh so intuitive….her search for knowledge knows no bounds….many people search….and a few find….but even fewer can understand and grasp the true lessons….it just can’t be done unless you are at one with Mother Earth….nature and the plants and the animals and finally then and only then….the stones….yes….and they love her….and talk to her….because they have seen the countless amount of time and energy she devotes to rescuing….poor starving kitties and finding them homes….Mother Earth smiles on her for she is a very blessed and sacred woman….The Rock Girl, like I said, is a true example of the Divine Feminine….go to her….seek her wisdom and knowledge and experience….trust her and she will open your eyes to the true path of enlightenment. ~ You have the word of The Troll


About Workshops

Two words describe Allison’s workshops, Captivating and Exhilarating.  I stumbled upon the website and thought it sounded interesting.  I’ve always liked rocks and wanted to learn more.  Wow, am I glad I did.  Allison is a gifted teacher with infinite knowledge on rocks and crystals and their various traits. Allison imparted so much information, I left the workshop feeling energized and excited.  She has reawakened my curiosity, awe and passion for all things rocks.  I found the workshops so fascinating, I can’t wait to take another workshop to further enhance my appreciation of rocks and crystals. ~ Laura, NY

It took me some time to really digest how much I had learned from Allison “The Rock Girl”. I had taken “Intro to Rocks” and “Rocks 101” in one intensive weekend and was spinning afterward with so much information and such an amazingly fulfilling experience. It wasn’t until months later though, at a Tarot conference, that I really understood what I had learned. Someone had been sent to me as a person knowledgable about stones and crystals, and I heard myself teaching this person passionately about what Allison had taught me. I will definitely be back for more classes.  Allison, thank you so much! ~ Nicole S, NY

After attending the Intro to Rocks workshop with The Rock Girl, I felt so enlightened about rocks and the energy they possess. I always knew I was attracted to certain types of rocks, and The Rock Girl helped me understand why. She lets you choose a rock that you are attracted to and explains the meaning behind your choice. She is extremely knowledgeable and can help you understand more about nature and even decorating your own home with the positive energy in rocks. ~ Linda D, NJ

What I found amazing about the Intro to Rocks workshop with The Rock Girl was that I selected a stone that perfectly fit my personality. I certainly learned a lot about nature and how positive energy flows from the rocks. ~ John M, NJ

The Rock Girl’s Rocks 101 workshop was extremely informative and fun! I had always been attracted to rocks, but never new why, or what to do them. Allison answered all of my questions, and then some. I learned how to connect to the energy of a rock, how to work with them and how to incorporate them into my daily life….work, play, relaxation, and even into my home. A very enlightening experience to say the least. So Rock Girl, when is your next workshop? ~ Jackie P, NYC

The Rocks 102 workshop with The Rock Girl should be a requirement for anyone who works with stones! Allison taught us the importance of using “grounding” stones and how to synthesize the energies of stones in order to create your very own “recipe”. Her love for stones is contagious and her enthusiasm for teaching is captivating. I look forward to taking her next workshop! ~ Nanci R, NYC

The Rock Girl’s knowledge and insight about rocks and crystals is amazing!! After taking her Rocks for Personal Transformation workshop she helped me to realize and appreciate my gifts and has led me to some really amazing places. Thank you so much Allison for your guidance and your FANTASTIC energy! ~ Mary-Lou C, NJ

The Rocks for Meditation workshop with The Rock Girl has completely changed the way I meditate. For years, I felt there was something “missing” and now I know what….stones….glorious stones! Allison introduced me to the many different types of stones and taught me how to make my own connection to their “energy”. By the end of the workshop I was able to feel the energy of the stones and choose the stones that worked best with my own vibrational frequency. A key ingredient when trying to reach a state of complete and utter PEACE. Namaste! ~ Keith W, NYC

I just took The Rock Girl’s Rocks for Relaxation workshop and learned how to choose the most relaxing stones for me. Allison taught me how to use them on my person and how to create a calming and soothing environment throughout my home. Allison’s knowledge of rocks is astounding and her ability to convey that to someone who knew nothing about them is really impressive. Not only is she a gifted teacher, but she is an extremely interesting and entertaining person as well. Thank you Rock Girl for introducing me to the POWER OF STONES! ~ David G, NYC

The Rock Girl’s Rocks for Gals workshop was totally mind blowing! Allison explained the importance of the meaning behind the rocks, and then taught us how to tune into the rocks, and learn how to feel their energy. Her belief that there is “no one size fits all” stone, and that each stone is “unique” just like each person is “unique” makes so much sense! Not only did I have alot of fun, but I walked away with alot of valuable information as well. ~ Sandy L, NJ