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The Rock Girl is finally selling some of her Private Collection!

Since the shift of 2012, we are now embracing the new frequencies of The Next 500 Years of the Golden Age…and as our frequencies are changing, so are those of Mother Earth and the Stones! It is now time to pass on many of my very own Sacred Stones to other Light Workers around the World, so you attune to the Sacred Energy of these Ancient Crystals, embrace their wisdom, and raise the frequency for Personal and Planetary Transformation.

With Much Love & Mighty Blessings,

xoxo ~ The Rock Girl

Angel Heart Channeling Stone

celestite16This Sacred Stone has been my “go to ” stone for that immediate connection to the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Spirit Guides. I have worked with this Beauty for many years and it awakens, activates and purifies my auric field and high crown chakra within seconds, allowing me to connect and channel the high frequency information quickly and efficiently, all the while processing and anchoring it into my NOW consciousness. This Stone has helped me access and absorb lifetimes of information from my Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters and provides a constant stream of Love & Light from the Angelic Realm.

celestite10Overall, it is heart-shaped, and cradles the perfect image of an Angel with its Heart. The back is a natural matrix that grounds that high spiritual energy into the physical body…and if you look closely you can see the light blue “energy activation imprints”, portals through which I have been connecting to it’s Sacred Knowledge.

This Sacred Stone merits a place of honor, and would make a perfect Altar Stone. Hold it in one hand for gentle activation, or both for a more powerful connection. She is an excellent companion for Rose Quartz and Selenite.


To purchase, please email [email protected].

Specs: about 2 lbs 5.5″ x 5″ x 3″

See all images of this amazing stone here:

$444 (

Fun fact: Anoint the matrix with rainwater or holy water and breathe in the Sacred Scent of Divine Crystalline Musk!

Return Policy: A full refund (less shipping) will be provided if Stone is returned within 7 days. Just email Marla Gates at [email protected]

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