Traditional Reiki is the hands-on channeling of transformational energy into the body. Reiki can be used for stress reduction and relaxation, and works in conjunction with medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and aids in recovery. It promotes healing by bringing the body and subtle bodies (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) back into balance, and in doing so, allows the body to heal itself on all levels. Reiki Energy is not limited by distance (where time and space have no meaning) and therefore can be very effective when utilized as a long distance healing modality.


Reiki I: Power of Divine Energy – $300 (2 days)

This workshop covers the philosophy and history of Reiki. Participants will learn traditional hand positions and establish their own unique connection to the Divine Healing Energy.


Reiki II: The 4 Planes – $450 (2 days) 

This workshop teaches participants how to utilize Reiki Energy on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Planes.  Participants will learn how to assess a person’s energy field, sense and remove energy blockages, treat both cause and effect, and restore the Chakras and Auric fields with Divine Healing Light.


Reiki III: Balancing – $450 (2 days) 

In this workshop, participants will fine-tune the skills acquired in Reiki ll and learn how to “balance” the energy within the Chakra System and Auric Field. They will learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on clients, and discuss the topics of “transference” and “boundaries”.  Long Distance Reiki will also be introduced at this time.


Reiki Master: Mastering Your Craft – $900 (3 days) 

In this workshop, participants will experience the power of the Master Symbol and learn how it can be used to heal on the Soul Level.  Participants will also learn how to prepare a “Healing Room” and how to utilize the Long Distance Symbol to send Reiki to the past, present and future.


Reiki Master Teachers Training – $1,200 (3 days) 

This workshop prepares the participant to become a Reiki Master Teacher.  Values and Intentions are discussed, and each practitioner will learn how to apply all Reiki symbols and techniques for all Reiki attunements, initiations and individual sessions.  Participants will also be required to apprentice with The Rock Girl, design their own teaching curriculum and teach their own class.

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