*Intro to Rocks* is a prerequisite for the Master Stone Program curriculum.

Level I – for detailed information on Level I, CLICK HERE

Series 1
*Rocks 101*
*Rocks 102*
*Hands on Healer* – The Rock Girl® Foundation Treatment Practitioner Certification*

Series 2
*Rocks for Relaxation*
*Rocks for Meditation*
*Rocks for Manifestation*

Series 3
*Rocks for Gals*
*Rocks for Guys*
*Rocks for Romance*


Achievement – Level I Attunement Ceremony

Level II – for detailed information on Level II, CLICK HERE

Series 4
*Mother Nature*
*Faery Folk*
*The Obsidians*

Series 5
*Goddess Stones*
*Angelic Realm & Star Gates*
*The Divine Connection*

Series 6
*Personal Transformation*
*Developing Intuition*
*Psychic Abilities & Channeling*


Achievement – Level II Attunement Ceremony

Level III – for detailed information on Level III, CLICK HERE

Series 7
*Crystals 101*
*Crystals 102*
*Crystal Skulls*

Series 8
*Crystals ~ Ancient Texts*
*Crystals ~ Personal Growth*
*Crystals ~ High Octane*

Series 9
*Rock Magick*
*Power Crystals*
*Conscious Transformation*


Achievement – Level III Attunement Ceremony

Master Level – for detailed information on the Master Level, CLICK HERE

Master Workshops
*Rock Your World: Part One*
*Rock Your World: Part Two*
*Rock Our World*


Graduation – Master Stone Attunement Ceremony & Certificate of Completion of Master Stone Program

Please note that all of The Rock Girl’s workshops are officially copyrighted. Unless one has written permission from The Rock Girl, her words/writings cannot be used in/on any other publication or website. All workshops are conducted by The Rock Girl herself, and anyone who teaches workshops using any material from The Rock Girl curriculum is in violation of copyright and trademarked material.

Workshops taught by The Rock Girl® are in no way, shape or form intended to be substitutes for professional medical or psychological attention. Please seek a professional health care specialist when needed. Thank you!

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