All On-Line Courses are 6 hours in duration (four 90 minute sessions) and cost $150.00 per person.

Chakra Balancing & Auric Cleansing

This workshop offers an in-depth look at the Chakra System and Auric Field. Participants will learn to identify each Chakra and layer of the Auric Field, how they work, and how to properly cleanse and balance each and every one of them. This workshop is beneficial to those who work with all types of healing modalities – all are welcome!


Intro to Rocks

Learn how to balance your Mind, Body & Spirit with the Frequency of Stones.

This workshop lays the foundation for The Rock Girl philosophy and covers the following topics about Rocks:





Participants will develop their very own technique of “working” with a stone. It is a strong theme throughout all of The Rock Girl’s workshops that EACH person has their own UNIQUE way of connecting with a stone, and that there are no “one size fits all” stones. As each person is unique unto themselves, so are the stones.


Rocks 101

(Intro to Rocks is prerequisite for this class)

Participants will learn about the two secret ingredients for building one’s own personal “Tool Box”.


Rocks 102

(Intro to Rocks and Rocks 101 are prerequisites for this class.)

Participants will learn about the importance of “Grounding Stones” and how to “synthesize” or “blend” the different frequencies of stones.



(Intro to Rocks, Rocks 101 & Rocks 102 are strongly recommended in order to get the most out of this course.)

This workshop offers an in-depth look at creating Sacred Space, and explores the ancient art of designing an Altar. The Rock Girl will share the secrets from her Master Teachers that have only been passed down by word of mouth. With this knowledge, participants will be able to tap into the wisdom of the stones and create their own personal Altar for love, healing, meditation, manifestation and more.


Sanctify Your Space

(Intro to Rocks, Rocks 101 & Rocks 102 are strongly recommended in order to get the most out of this course.)

In this workshop, participants will learn how to utilize the power of stones to cleanse, balance and energize their personal space. Participants will learn how to identify issues within their own environment and design a grid to create purified and positive energy. Excellent for homes, healing rooms, offices, boutiques and more.

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