111 Morning Meditations Book and Audio

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111 Morning Meditations Book

A regular meditation habit can make you healthier, happier and more successful than ever!

What do history’s greatest minds as well as today’s most successful athletes, supermoms, CEOs and celebrities all have in common? They Meditate! Meditation is not just for the yogis. It’s for everyone, of every age. Meditation is for all of humankind.

Thousands of years prove it, and Western science backs it up: Meditation removes stress and replaces it with a sense of inner peace and calm. It’s one of the best tools you have to deal with physical and psychological distress, balance your emotions and be in the present moment. Meditation will help you experience greater calm in the midst of the chaos. It will connect you to your inner-most feelings and challenge our habits of self-judgment.

From the creator of 365 Days of Angel Prayers comes a new book on how meditation can help you lower blood pressure, relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and celebrate life. 111 Morning Meditations – Create your Day with Intention offers you the opportunity to start your day with peace and tranquility, helping you create a habit that can only benefit you and those around you. Meditation opens the door to real happiness, health and healing.


Morning Meditations Audio Downloads

Another way to enjoy the message of meditation!

From the creator of 111 Morning Meditations – Create Your Day with Intention comes the highly requested AUDIO version – Morning Meditations. Sunny Dawn Johnston, the publisher of 111 Morning Meditations received many requests after the publication of the book for an audio version. This product is the manifestation of the desire to not have to focus on and read the meditation, but instead listen to it, from the energy of the actual author. These audio meditations, recorded by each author, are unique compared to other meditation programs where you usually have one voice recording all of the meditations.

Sunny wanted her authors to have the opportunity to use their voice … to be the expression and energy of their message.

These audio downloads are available in three separate volumes for $15 each. The volume that features Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl, is Volume 3 of the audio downloads. Choose one or all and start or expand your meditation practice today.

Everyone has 4 minutes a day to spend in meditation, right? Morning Meditations Audio Downloads help brighten and enlighten minds, hearts and souls … across the globe. The ripple effect of consistent meditation is priceless.


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