Healing Pet Bed - Elements DesignThis enchanting and very unique collection is truly inspired by nature. The soft tranquil colors of the forest and intricate carvings of tree branches on our healing bed, smothered with natural gemstones of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Amber, and sparkling Fuchsite… with a touch of copper and perdiot green Swarovski Crystals…this is so exquisite. Made with natural woods and organic raw silk fabrics … This new Elements Collection is extraordinary.

The headboard has an expertly crafted tree, lightly painted with a copper shimmer. Tiny Swarovski Crystals add just the right touch and are a delight for the eyes. We’ve designed a beautiful forest green Silk Velvet pillow with invisible zipper for easy removal. Hypoallergenic nu-foam and soft batting enhance your pets’ comfort. A waterproof lining protects and seals this cushion.

The bed is given a coat of natural linseed oil for an organic, subtle sheen. The legs are painted with a soft shimmery copper and embellished with sparkling tree branches, semi precious gemstones, and Swarovski Crystals.

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Headboard of Diamonds in the RuffRuff dog bedEach bed can be customized using a variety of semi precious stones, designed especially for your pets’ needs. With the support, guidance and expertise of Master Healer, Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl, you can now have a custom designed bed, hand made especially for your pet.

Learn the inner most secrets as to why your pet is shy, nervous, anxious, or maybe even aggressive at times.

Just complete the customized Pet Healing Profile, https://diamondsintheruffruff.com/pet-profile.html and purchase your bed on line. You will then receive a complimentary 15-minute reading from Allison,The Rock Girl with your purchase of your bed that is exclusively tailored for your pets’ needs through Reiki Energy.

Using this information, Diamonds In The Ruff Ruff will design your one of a kind bed using the finest gemstones and crystals available, carefully selected by the High Priestess of Stones,“ The Rock Girl,” suited specifically for your pets needs.

There is no other pet collection like this in the world…Four Elements Healing Dog Bed Foot Closeup