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Cyndi Lauper Tweeted about The Rock Girl, whom she booked a psychic reading and healing with! –

Two words describe Allison’s workshops, Captivating and Exhilarating.  I stumbled upon the website and thought it sounded interesting.  I’ve always liked rocks and wanted to learn more.  Wow, am I glad I did.  Allison is a gifted teacher with infinite knowledge on rocks and crystals and their various traits. Allison imparted so much information, I left the workshop feeling energized and excited.  She has reawakened my curiosity, awe and passion for all things rocks.  I found the workshops so fascinating, I can’t wait to take another workshop to further enhance my appreciation of rocks and crystals. ~ Laura, NY 

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The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School

SSS Symbol BlackTrianglenodomain 285x300 HomeThe Rock Girl® Sacred Stone School is the nation’s premier crystal academy. Offering workshops and intensives such as Crystal Healing, Crystal Grids, Hands-on-Healing, Crystal Skulls, Chakra Balancing and Auric Cleansing, Intro to Rocks, Psychic Development, a Master Stone Program, and more. Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl has over 20 years experience, having apprenticed under Master Stone Teachers in both the USA and Europe. Allison is the only known female ordained as a High Priestess of Stones by the Knight’s Templar. Some of her training included sitting blindfolded in the woods with a bucket of muddy water filled with various stones. She had to identify the stones, simply by their vibration, as there was no other way to determine what they were. Allison learned the ancient ways of the Masons and Master Stone Teachers, an education only handed down by word of mouth throughout thousands of generations.

The Rock Girl shines a refreshing new light upon our relationship with rocks and crystals. Experience first hand the transformation that stones can bring about in your life. Their energy is a breath of fresh air and can neutralize positive ions and electromagnetic smog; they can manifest intentions, and can even help mend a broken heart.

Sit with her for a spell and learn how to communicate with the stones and hear what they have to say. Learn their language and the secrets they have to share. As each person is unique unto themselves, so are the stones. Learn how to find the right stones or even better, how to let them find you.

Allison functions as the facilitator to help you create your own unique relationship with stones and develop your own methods of communication. Your connection can be verbal, tactile or even audient.

Allison has a vast knowledge of stones and enjoys spending the much needed time getting to know each individual, and identifying their wants, needs and desires.

With this information, she helps you develop your very own technique of communicating with the stones, and teaches you that by connecting with the stones, you will ultimately embark on your own path of self discovery.

Tap into their profound wisdom, and let your journey begin…

Mark those Calendars!

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Crystal Camp Series 2

With Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl & Mari!

Sacred Stones & Crystals for Healing, Balancing and Activating Your Chakras & Auric Fields

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Did you know that the Human Body has 88,000 Chakra’s and that your Auric Fields are directly influenced by them?

It is VERY Hard to get results in your Manifesting if these key components are out of whack!

Some of the best tools for engaging the Chakra’s and Auric Fields are Crystals & Sacred Stones!

Join Us!

3 Mondays October 13th, 20th and November 3rd 3pm eastern / 12 pacific

Be one of the First 10 to Register and Save $50.00 on Tuition!

If you enjoyed Crystal Camp 1, you will LOVE the deep dive we are going to take in Crystal Camp 2!

Missed Crystal Camp 1? It’s a pre – requisite for Crystal Camp 2!  Now is the perfect time take it so you are ready for our BIG Fall Session!

Here is just some of what you will learn in Crystal Camp Series 2:

Class 1: Why work so hard when the stones can so easily be applied to our chakra system as well as our auric field?

Class 2: The Chakra Intensive

Class 3: An In depth look at the Auric Field

Now we put it all together:

  • In Class 3 Allison will finally show us how to synthesize the power of both your chakra systems and your auric field to catapult your energy into greater personal growth and spiritual transformation.
  • You will also learn special scanning techniques on how to apply the stones to create change in all aspects of your life!

Pre requisite: Crystal Camp 1 (If you missed it, get the Audio Course Here!) 

Crystal Camp Series 2 is the second course  in a series of 4 Crystal Camp Courses. 

It will prepare you for our Crystal Camp Series 3 on Releasing Karma & Healing Past Lives with the Stones that will be offered Winter 2015 and our LIVE Crystal Camp at Allison’s Sacred Stone School in Asheville, North Carolina, May of 2015!

Tuition $297 

Early Bird Tuition $247 for the first 10 who register!

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